Beauty on your very own doorstep

Guest blog by Sarah from Two Little Wrens Photography

In our go-go world, it’s sometimes hard to find the time or energy in our daily lives to focus on what we truly need versus what we want.

Walking for example, is something that I need to do a lot more of. With so many different forms of transport easily accessible, walking is something I do very little of now-a-days. We all know the health benefits of walking, both on your mental and physical well-being.

Determined to find on a healthy me, I ventured around the neighbourhood with my trusty camera in hand.

During my first adventure around Kew, I was amazed by the historic Holy Trinity Anglican Church, which was built back in 1863. The gorgeous bluestone building with stained glass windows was truly breathtaking.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, built 1863 | Photo: Two Little Wrens Photography

Walking a little further down High Street, the War Memorial Monument (built in 1925) stands tall and proud at Kew Junction.

Reading the inscriptions was both extremely beautiful and humbling.

Cenotaph in Kew Junction, built 1925 | Photo: Two Little Wrens Photography

Not too far from the junction, the original Kew Police Station, Court House & Post Office (1886 & 1888), elegantly highlights the beauty of the past.

Admiring these beautiful buildings is a little sneak peak into the past.

These historic buildings and landmarks, intertwined with new designs is the perfect mix between the past and future.

The original Kew Police Station, Court House & Post Office (1886 & 1888) | Photo: Two Little Wrens Photography

I love living in an area filled with so much beauty and history so close to my very own doorstep.

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