Meet the tenants of Kew Court House

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The Kew Court House is proudly owned and run by the City of Boroondara and presents an imaginative, engaging and forward-thinking performance program to arts loving audiences.

Have a look at upcoming events to see who’s currently playing at Kew’s most beautiful, historic 80-seat venue.

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The following organisations are also Kew Court House:


Founded in 2009, e.motion21 continues to transform lives and change perceptions of Down Syndrome through moving bodies and moving boundaries!

  • Moving bodies: providing programs to children and young adults with Down syndrome in supportive and social environments tailored to meet their specific learning needs.
  • Moving boundaries: engaging positively with individuals, families and communities through our programs, performances and media to uncover new potential, promote understanding and raise expectations.

For general enquiries including information about classes or volunteering, please contact e.motion21:

Kew Historical Society Inc.

Kew Historical Society, founded in 1958, provides information on the past and current history of Kew and Kew East. Luckily for us they have mountains of information to share!

The Society works with local government and other Kew organisations to stimulate interest in our history and heritage by publishing information and resources, as well as organising events and exhibitions.

The Kew Court House is home to the Kew Historical Society’s ‘History Centre’, which features displays and exhibitions of items related to the history of the area. Opening hours are Fridays and Saturdays between 11:00am–1:00pm.

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QArt studio and gallery is part of Endeavour Foundation and provides employment, mentoring and training for a talented group of professional artists with a disability.

QArt Studio is a purpose built, professionally operated studio where artists are given support and artistic direction by qualified managers, enabling them to reach their artistic potential.

QArt Gallery operates as a retail space within the Kew Court House, providing a fantastic shopping experience for art and history lovers alike. The gallery showcases original artworks and prints created by the artists, and offers handmade products including homewares, jewellery, gifts and greeting cards.

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