Why I owned a Macbook Pro for a day — and what it says to me about the future of Apple
John Risby

You’d think that Apple, ostensibly so concerned with user experience, industrial design, “it just works” etc. would raise their manufacturing game to meet customer expectations.

Like you I’m toying with the idea of getting a Hackintosh, if for no other reason then I’ve been waiting for new Pro-spec Macs for 4+ years and I’m not sure my business can wait for a next-gen MacPro promised for next year — assuming no QA/manufacturing issues after the fact. Much as I hate Windows, I’d move in a hearbeat if it wasn’t for the tens of thousands of dollars we’ve invested in software.

I’ve been a Apple user since 1992. In my previous job I went to Cupertino a bunch of times, and even met Steve Jobs on two separate occasions. You could say that the Force is strong with this one.

But over the past 5-ish years I’ve seen the company I’ve admired and respected for so many years change into the kind of faceless behemoth Apple used to mock, back in the day. Removing headphone sockets, mice that you can’t simultaneously use and recharge, going all-in on USB-C but not putting Lightning sockets in laptops: these are not the actions of a customer-focused organization.

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