Life,in music & lyrics….

Have you ever had that defining moment when you hear a song playing and it reflects your inner most thoughts? It’s almost as if that song was written just for you. That the lyrics resonate to give you comfort, strength, lift your spirits and sometimes even to give you the answers you were searching for.

As a teenager, I loved sleeping with my Walkman playing the entire night. “Keya, you’ll go deaf!” my mother would gently scold. But, it was like I was engaging with the words of songs in my sleep against the back drop of a tune and I couldn’t sleep without it. The peace this habit gave me is something that has stuck with me throughout my life. Looking back over the past few decades I think I have a song for every moment in my life. Am sure there are many others that do!

I was engaging with the words of songs in my sleep against the back drop of a tune

However, it wasn’t until I had the privilege of interacting with children with special needs that I realised the significance of music and lyrics as a means of expression -being understood and accepted. “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water” cried a frustrated little boy. Perhaps just a childish nursery rhyme but for this boy it was his way of saying “I want water”. It amazed me that a child, unable to communicate like you or I, was able to relate to the words of a nursery rhyme and then use them as a tool to make himself understood.

I’ve heard about this baby boy, who’s come to earth to bring us joy and I just want to sing this song to you…..with every breath I’m singing Hallelujah

Kaylee Rogers’, a young girl who suffers from autism, ADHD and finds social interaction hard, moving rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ touched the hearts of thousands. Her confidence whilst signing and the way she connected with song was as if she had been transported into another world.With the YouTube video having gone viral, her voice is truly heard globally!

Kaylee Roger’s ‘voice’ goes viral

On a personal note my own daughter, who has a slight learning delay and at times finds it difficult to articulate herself, shines when she sings. The freedom of expression and the space to just be herself through singing is incredible. In fact, I would safely say that that songs are our greatest mother daughter bond.

So in life, whenever you want to express yourself and the words just don’t come ……remember there are always music & lyrics!

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