The Gifts I Have

Image by Aditya Saxena

Back in August 2020, I figured out have the gift of feeling others' energy and feeling others' presence around me. Since I was a child I have been felt these feelings but didn't know I was gifted. I kind of thought something was wrong with me…

I believe most women use makeup as a mask to cover up their true selves.

Photo by Yunona Uritsky on Unsplash

Today we see many women wearing makeup whether they’re going to the store, work, or an event. Why do a lot of women wear to it? Do they wear it to look prettier than they are? Or is it low self-esteem? I think it’s all of the above. I believe…

Heat Advisory

In this time of year, we are coming across some hot heat. But this year it’s even hotter. In Del Rio, Texas it’s got up to 112 degrees being the hottest temperature ever recorded in the history of Del Rio.

In San Antonio, Texas it hit 107 degrees being recorded the hottest temperature in the month of July. In New Orleans l, it reached 99 degrees with humidity being 118 degrees. That’s pretty hot! That was the daily high that was broken this week.

There are 10 states from New Mexico to Florida that are under extreme heat advisories. On the west coast, there are wildfires like in Evergreen, Colorado with there being more than 1,000 homes being evacuated, due to the Elephant Butte Fire. The West Fire in southern Utah burned 1,184 acres with there being evacuations yesterday. The Mineral Fire burned 1,000 acres in Fresno County, California.

There have been Red Flag Warnings and Fire weather watches issued from California to Colorado. The biggest thing we have to worry about is that the winds could spread fires changing the direction in which they’re burning. Due to the high and dry vegetation, it’s causing the fires to be even worse.

What is your workday like?

Thanks to @mitchell_luo for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

Its the next day, you wake up early in the morning for work. You really don’t feel like going maybe because you’re tired or you just don’t want to go. But all of us have to work…

No wonder why I’m so pretty

I’ve had other males say that I’m a goddess because of how pretty I am. But are they saying it to just say it or what? Well, I think some are saying it to just say it and the others are saying I’m really a goddess. Well, I think I’m…

I knew there was something special about me.

One day back in 2017 on this sunny afternoon I was folding my clothes when suddenly I felt that there was something special about me. And I kept thinking of the word, “Angel”. And I felt as if God was telling me to look up Earth Angel. So I got…

Happiness is the key.

Relationships can be pretty tough sometimes. You have to deal with arguments,cheating,and your sex life. And many people aren’t quite happy in their relationships. So with that being said I have 10 ways you can be in a happy and healthy relationship.

1. Communication

According to research, it shows that communication is…

Keyana McGhee

Hi I'm 22 years old and I love to write stories, draw, read, knit,and listen to podcasts. I'm also a tea drinker. I value peace and nature.

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