Dude, if you want an honest intellectual debate then you have to first not say stupid shit like the…
arthur lecuyer

Really? Obviously there’s value in every person and rights SHOULD be inherent, but the fact is that they are not. The fact is the government controls our rights through legislation, and by living in this society we submit to those rules. Point and case the patriot act taking away many of our rights. We can fight, but in the end, can you help being wiretapped? You can protest, lobby, whatever, but in the end your rights are given by what the state decides. To argue we control our rights is pretty naive honestly. Again, I don’t disagree we should be born with rights inherent, are are. But by living in the state you are under its jurisdiction, and you give up rights in doing so. Idealistically, we obtain our rights at birth, practically, the state gives them to us. If you want, you can leave society and be free, go for it.

Lastly, my point had nothing to do with where rights come from, it had to do with whether regulations can be good or give rights. You’ve gone and taken it completely out of context. And, just like Kady, you can tap down on the self-righteous high-handedness and the personal attacks.