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So, at the first time, what is hoqu is? and how the token works. Before I started this post, make sure you already follow and subscribe my social media as I mention in bottom of page. And if you really helped with this post, feel free to leave a clap for supporting me to keep posting new article every week. So let’s get started.

HOQU is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows merchant and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair cost per actions deals based on a smart contract. The interaction between user and merchant is directly by smart contract instead of brokers by using the blockchain technology. With smart contract, merchant can save up to 44% from their advertising budget because they don’t need to pay broker fee anymore. At present, HOQU is opening token sale for investor who attracted to the service provided by HOQU.

First thing you have to do to invest on HOQU is power on your PC, hover to browser then type on address bar. It should look like this when you successful opening on your web browser.

THE FUTURE OF MARKETING! Web page should like this if you open If you encounter a problem on opening web page, contact developer support on social media as I will mention about in bottom of post. You can choose 2 different option, Join Token Sale for directing to login page, Get White Paper to direct you to link where the document of HOQU is located. Whitepaper contain a dozen of information about HOQU it self, how HOQU is distributed, how HOQU ICO fund will reserved for development progress, and so on. If you scroll down a little bit, there is an explanation about HOQU both on text or videos. Video is very interactive to me rather than text it self, you don’t understand at the first time if you read text, as soon as you see the videos, you’ll get the aim of HOQU created. OK, click Join Token Sale to direct to login page.

Create account for HOQU on this page, submit email and password for join. Just make sure you don’t typo when typing password because you only have 1 field of password so double check on that. HOQU also offer registration via facebook and google if you want to connect HOQU to your social media. Click on “Have an account? Login” if you already have HOQU when you read this post. Get 70 HQX for free if you join at present time, or as long as ICO is available. Click on register then you should have account and ready to buy some of HQX token. Then your web browser should look like this.

Here you can see the volume of token sale, the minimum of purchase and bonuses depend on when you purchase HQX. At sidebar, HOQU social media is available, especially on twitter. You’ll keep updated with the latest news of HOQU only for following HOQU twitter. At left top, you see your name and your available HQX token on your account. I just censor my name and my HQX because that is personal information. After that, hover to Invest link in your left sidebar to continue.

Fill out your identity form in this page, if you already open up at profile link in left sidebar and fill out there, this page should not appeared. Fill out name, last name, address and ETH address for withdrawal your HQX token. Make sure you agree will all terms and condition about buying HQX token and double check that you understand what you do. Then click on all checkbox then click the blue one. After that your web browsing should like this.

There is an instruction for newbie investor there, so i don’t need to explain anymore. If you have ETH, BTC or LTC balance on exchange, withdraw some to address provided by HOQU to invest on it. The system will take on it and automatically convert it to HOQU token with specified value.

Make sure you type the right address on your deposit and double check it. You don’t want send ETH to wrong address right? After that you can see available balance on left top and you can withdraw HOQU as long as HOQU blockchain is ready to use / announcement from developer. The free 70 HQX is distributed when the ICO is over.

HOQU link, Website, Whitepaper and Twitter

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