Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Comparison Analytics
Elena Hathaway

A few reasons why this review SHOULDN’T BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

  1. It’s clearly heavily biased in favor of CEDcommerce
  2. This review was commissioned by CED, so the author was paid
  3. The author has no credibility or expertise in the subject matter
  4. The author didn’t even list proof of actual marketplaces she owns or has built using any of these products
  5. This is suspiciously the only post by the author
  6. The author isn’t a native english speaker but is using an American sounding name
  7. The author hasn’t responded to any of the comments here
  8. The support team from CED couldn’t answer any of my basic questions during US business hours
  9. The CED website is horrible
  10. The list goes on……

I’m sorry if you wasted time reading this long sales pitch.

To be fair, I didn’t go through and verify the accuracy of the information provided in this post because of the points I’ve listed above. Sure, just because a company uses paid reviews, doesn’t necessarily mean they have bad products which is why I went as far as visiting their actual website to give them a fair shot.

However, product support is high on my list of priorities and their lack of basic support during US business hours was enough for me to cross this option off my list of serious contenders. I’m conducting research to build my own multivendor project, and I’m not a programmer, so the support must meet some basic criteria for me to feel confident in their ability to ensure my project is a success from a technical standpoint.