Meet The Top 7 Disruptors In Cryptocurrency for 2021

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Blockchain technology may be best known as the driving force behind Bitcoin, but there are scores of other industries benefiting from this technology, adapting it to their unique needs. Blockchain technology essentially describes the act of recording events in a database. The database itself is referred to as the “blockchain”. Once data is added to the blockchain, it cannot be removed or altered, creating a verifiable history record.

The technology is fairly simple, but these American companies are applying the principle in unique ways.

BRD: for the Bitcoin Novice

Hailing from the Fintech industry, BRD provides a cutting-edge platform for iOS and Android devices. Not many cryptocurrency wallets are suitable for complete novices, but BRD has a simple and intuitive design with additional buying and trading features that make this app a handy gateway in which to explore cryptocurrency. It is considered to be a very safe wallet due to its open-source, non-custodial nature. The wallet’s code is completely open-source, making it more trustworthy as it undergoes frequent reviews. The wallet has pin protected whenever launched, which can be replaced with finger or face scans on compatible devices.

BitMEX: up to 100x leverage

Another contender from the Fintech industry, hailing from New York time, the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange was launched by ex-bankers with backgrounds in computer science, financial engineering and traditional finance. Using the same technology found at some of the top trading firms, the platform is one of a handful in the market that provides 100x leverage. This means that for every BTC the trader has, they can leverage up to 100x on a trade. The platform offers different leverages for different cryptocurrencies and is definitely a pick for those with advanced knowledge of cryptocurrency.

NETKI: for a safer crypto-ecosystem

Coming from the e-commerce industry and located in Canoga Park, CA, NETKI attempts to make cryptocurrency unequivocally safe for business. At the core of Netki lies the belief that Blockchain technology can cause a revolution in Fintech. The software creates a unique digital currency ID and wallet, which enables business owners to execute fully compliant blockchain transactions.

SALT Lending: lending cash against cryptocurrency

Located in Denver, Colorado, this Fintech company allows users to leverage their cryptocurrency for cash loans. Borrowers can lock into cash loans for a period from one to 36 months with currencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin. Being available in a majority of US states, the platform has a native token and includes additional features aimed at making it easier for users to track their crypto portfolio.

Mythical Games: play to earn

This strong contender from the gaming industry can be found in Sherman Oaks, California and in Seattle. Taking ownership of digital assets, Mythical Games dominated headlines with the release of Blankos Block Party. A recent announcement of new digital collectibles from artist Dedmau5 saw to it that the collectibles sold out quickly. The initial sales of the two Deadmau5 NFTs sold for $240,000. All the digital collectibles sold out within 20 minutes, the last item to go being a Deadmau5 helmet. The game maker attempts to bring NFT (non-fungible token) to mainstream gaming.

CIVIL: sustainable journalism through Blockchain

Located in Brooklyn, New York, this company focussed solely on bringing the joys of Blockchain to the journalism and media industry. The company’s CVL tokens allows journalists to launch their own independent newsrooms and gives journalists a stake in making decisions and appealing violations of company policy. Since the stories are published on Blockchain, stories can not be deleted or redacted.

TraDove: a tokenized business social network

The face of social media and e-commerce is slowly changing with this California company. TraDove is a platform that allows businesses to communicate and transact with each other, it is comparable to LinkedIn with its lazer focus on professional networks. Corporate buyers and sellers of goods and services discover each other easier on this platform and helps to build trust among buyers and sellers, as the platform requires users to verify their position as a representative for their respective business.

The company’s blockchain platform helps to introduce the correct buyers and sellers to each other, manages supply chains and can act as a communication tool for potential customers. Amazon, IKEA and Lowes and some of the global brands reportedly using the TraDove platform.

Final Word

Blockchain is fast becoming a legitimate disruptor in a variety of industries. It is estimated that more than 90% of European and US banks are researching blockchain options, due to the promising and flexible nature of the technology. It has the potential to revolutionize finance, insurance, personal identity security, and even government, making Blockchain technology an exciting prospect to keep an eye on.




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