Project 2 App Design Case Study

This case study is for a school assignment.


In order to research for the app, I performed a random face to face interview on campus. By interviewing the people, I hoped to find a reason for the student’s poor time management skills.

Analysis + Synthesis

While reviewing the data, it seems as though students were often distracted due to their social media use. Also, they tend to have unrealistic expectations for themselves.

Defining the Problem

By examining the data provided, it is possible that students are procrastinating to avoid the extreme pressure from a large workload. Therefore, an appropriate problem statement would be “Students procrastinate in their daily lives because they are overwhelmed with responsibilities.”


The app would help users manage their time better. The most common users would be students, since they commonly have poor time management skills. In the end, a timer, agenda, and notifications were considered helpful features to add. To make sure the app is suitable for students, scenarios were created to test possible actions they may take. The scenario depicted students inputting reminders for due assignments and tasks into the app.

Brainstorm part 1
Brainstorm part 2
Brainstorm part 3
Brainstorm part 4

Paper Prototyping

Paper prototypes of the app were made to ensure the users can navigate the app easily. While reviewing the paper prototype, none of the participants were confused about the features and arrangement. However, the appearance seems cluttered. There was a bar in the left where the app’s features can be accessed. It took up a majority of the space in the app. One recommendation was that a hamburger menu can be used to conserve space.


When creating a digital prototype, I decided to use the colors blue and orange. I believed that blue was a suitable choice because it is known for being a calming color. This can relate to the app’s ability to lower stress by promoting better time management skills. Orange can appear happy. It can relate to the happiness of living a more relaxed lifestyle. Arial and Futura fonts were used since they can be easily seen in the color choice.

Wireframes Part 1
Wireframes Part 2
Wireframes Part 3
Final Draft

Icon and Name for App

The app is referred to as the time management app. It is written in Futura, size 24 points. Futura is used since it can match the modern appearance of the design.