Choices I

I thought I had already made a post about this one, but I guess this will be the first. This is a simple app. A user will be able to add items to a list, press a button, and one of the list items will be selected. I’d like to have a navigation drawer that will contain previous lists that users have made.
 I did a bit of work on this last month, I just wanted to see if I could set up a search view, and it worked out pretty well. All that code is commented out at the moment. Today I’ve been experimenting a bit with Circular Progress Buttons, Ideally, each list item will be a CPB, and when the decision button is pressed, they will change color or disappear or animate or something.
 Next, I want to just get get it working, so that I can add items, and use the decision button to select one.

Originally published at on January 24, 2016.