This is what I worked on during Ship-It Saturday. It’s a note taking app, with a somewhat evil twist.

 What it does:
 It’s meant to be a highly specific note taking app. Users can add names of people, organizations, or institutions that they hate. They should be able to delete names. When they click on a name, they should be taken to an activity where they can add reasons. These will be up to 140 characters of text that can be edited or deleted once they’re added.

Where it is now:
 It’s kind of a mess visually and technically. I spent way too much time on design and I think this thing kind of looks like garbage. I mostly googled the things I wanted to do, copy and pasted code from Stack Overflow and modified it to fit what I wanted. The background is one of the first 10 things that comes up when you google the word ‘enemy.’ I worked the whole color scheme around that.
 Right now you can press the ‘+’, add a name to the screen via a prompt. You can also hold each list item and you’re prompted to delete.

Where it’s going:
 I need to make the screen that shows ‘reasons.’ I need to make an Enemies class instead of just have the list fill up with strings. I’m also going to make a custom adapter for the list so that I can add a delete button. Even though I don’t love it, I’m going to try not to do too much to change the appearance. I want to see my awful vision out to the end.

Originally published at amazingadventuresinandroid.blogspot.com on July 12, 2015.

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