When writing marketing content, you may hear terms used like active and passive voice. While you might have heard how vital active voice is for marketing content, you may find yourself asking what active voice is, why is it so important, and more importantly, how can I use it?

I’m about to sound like your high school English teacher, but don’t tune me out. She actually had a few good things to say.

Yes, it’s true she lied to you about the necessity of diagramming sentences. (No one has ever done that in the real world. Ever.) …

The thought of launching, growing, and sustaining a business blog strikes fear in the heart of many already busy marketing managers. Despite all the well documented benefits of content marketing, there still remains the very real fears about what it takes to manage a blog, about starting something you can’t keep up, or running out of ideas, or getting distracted by other projects, or not realizing significant ROI, or…or…or.

But the remedy for fear is often truth. The truth for you and most marketing managers is that you don’t have to manage a blog alone. The truth is that you’re likely surrounded by many experts at your company who are more than qualified in creating some level of content that can be used for your benefit. …

How to Find the Right Team for Your Small Business

Managing the many components of a marketing strategy and ensuring it becomes successful is a lot to handle. How can one organization possibly keep an eye on every factor between social media management, e-mail marketing campaigns, and, especially, SEO? Hence, why hiring a content marketing agency is becoming the new norm with 73% of major organizations having someone manage their content marketing strategy.

Keep in mind too, not every content marketing agency is created equal. Remember this when you’re on the prowl to find that perfect match; the one who will boost your domain authority and organic traffic. …

In 2019, my family and I packed up and moved from the midwest to Colorado. And one of my first priorities was to find a great Colorado Springs coffee shop (or several) from which to work. Read on for some of my favorites in and around “Little London.”

My Need for a Coffee Shop in Colorado Springs

Despite owning and operating Keyhole Marketing since 2012, I’ve never really wanted to lease an office space for Keyhole Marketing. That may one day change. But for now, I much prefer working in a Colorado Springs coffee shop.

Most days, I work out of my home home — until the extroverted side of my personality takes over and pulls me away to some local coffeehouse. (Not that I’m kicking and screaming.) As a result, it’s made me into a sort of coffeehouse nomad, traveling from café to café in search of the best locale to set up shop. …

Understanding the Impact of Readability on Your Content

When blogging, one factor that people often overlook is the readability of their content. Bloggers will try to optimize their keywords, meta tags, image alt tags, and hundreds of other on-page SEO factors but they often overlook the most simple of them all — the readability score of their content.

This is probably due to the fact that content readability isn’t outright listed in Google’s search ranking algorithm. …

Tips & Tricks for Creating an Impactful Tagline

A tagline can do wonders for marketing. Hundreds of companies, from Apple to Nike, have used taglines to supercharge their marketing and sales and get customers to associate a message with their brand. “Just Do It”, “Melts in Your Mouth Not in Your Hands,” “America Runs on Dunkin”, and “Got Milk?” are just examples of excellent taglines that have stood the test of time and are instantly recognizable. But how do you create a tagline for your business?

Taglines can be tricky to come up with and require a good amount of creativity, which can lead to an overwhelming and time-consuming process. If you’re going through this experience, it’s important to know what you’re getting into, why you’re doing it, and how to successfully create a tagline for your business. …

Top Tips for Making Instagram Work in Your Favor

Instagram has become an incredible tool for regular individuals like you and me, as well as online influencers, to promote a new wave of social interaction. Users like over 4 billion Instagram posts per day — making the platform one of the most user-active social media sites out there. But do you know how to use Instagram for a business? You should!

Instagram presents businesses with an opportunity to market their products to a more targeted audience, without spending an enormous amount of money on advertising. And since Instagram’s API allows users to publish photos or videos to an Instagram Business Profile, this makes it even easier for brands to take advantage of all Instagram has to offer. The savvy marketer can convert this engagement into real paying customers. …

“I just hope they hear that finance is so much easier than we think. I think we build it up in our heads as this complicated thing and I certainly used to as well. And so I just really want to empower people to be like ‘Look, this is simple.’ Let me show you how simple it can be. And you can really take control of your future … I truly believe that anyone, at any age, on any income, can create passive income and achieve financial independence.”

— Rachel Richards

Rachel Richards is a professional speaker, finance guru, and bestselling author of Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together. At the age of 27, she retired from corporate life and now spends her life in Colorado Springs empowering others to take control of their financial future and achieve their dreams. …

How to Make Your About Page More Appealing

How many times have you clicked around on a company’s website, landed on the staff page, and left right away? What many people don’t realize is that your About page is an excellent opportunity to grab the attention of website visitors and give them something to explore. It can also be the difference your team needs to make the sale. Keep reading to see six creative staff bio examples for your team to consider.

Why is the Staff Bio Page Critical?

The staff page is so critical because it can solidify the decision of an already interested customer to choose your product or service OR it can convince a visitor who is on the fence to invest in you over another brand. If you choose not to care, then you choose to give up leads. People do business with those that they know like and trust. A “Meet the Team” page helps potential clients get to the point of knowing, liking and trusting you. …

5 Steps to Writing More Engaging Content

If you’re curious how to write a blog post, you’re in the right place! Follow our five easy steps below and be sure to download our interactive Better Blogging Worksheet for even more help in writing the best blogs!

We all get stage fright at some point. Maybe it’s public speaking or perhaps it’s a fear of heights. The fact is that no one is impervious to fear’s grip. In this industry, we often see people afraid of writing. It could be as big as a blog post or as short as a photo caption. Simply being asked to compose words into a sentence makes them feel uneasy. …


Joe Dudeck

Founder of Keyhole Marketing, helping small businesses find solutions to persistent business growth pressures like lack of leads, time, or strategy.

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