The Music Industry Buried More Than 150 Startups—Now They are Left to Dance with the Giants
David Pakman

Top Reasons why you should stop looking for VC funding

David, I agree to the challenges of digital music especially when it comes to high royalty fees from record labels. This boils down to Artist Relation professional who can bring a cost that would be sustainable for both platform providers and artists to move on. This would involve outsourcing mobile app development to low cost locations, from United States to India which would lower your cost by 25–30%. The 4% success rate is not a good count when compared to other digital businesses, but it’s a promising number. Given the number of less investors in this domain, the best option is to bootstrap because once the business model is sustainable and the expenses are being met, I am certain that investors would gradually put in their cash.

Venture Capital funds give a wealthy investor the chance to invest in a company’s startup stages with a long term growth perspective, as startup web development companies have potential of explosive growth. If any digital music entrepreneur is waiting for funding or spending most of the time looking for funding, it might lead to a waste of time and energy rather than channelizing his or her resources on the product. Read more on Top Reasons why you should stop looking for VC funding.