How Swift Ready for Enterprise Solutions in New York?

Swift is Apple’s brand-new programming language for writing great iOS apps. The platform is significantly for enterprises, especially businesses that have made an investment in Apple’s platforms. Since the launch of this new programming language in 2014, app development in Swift has always been a hot topic of discussion among enterprises. IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift — is the new software developed by the company to unlock all the server-side capabilities, now available in Swift 3.0.

IBM says: “Swift is now ready for the enterprises.”

Apple and IBM having joined their efforts gave that much need boost to Swift, to make it popular. Swift is a more compact language for programming. Less code equals better readability. IBM Cloud gives opportunities not only to develop and deploy but also to share Swift resources and use Swift Sandbox for quick experiments — unlocking the potential of cloud computing to fuel business growth. Read more to find out how both the companies could symbiotically work to provide Enterprise solutions and enterprise values.

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