For Breonna, Aiyana, Sandra, those whose names we do not know — for us.

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There is a rising tempest that will not be ignored. Our seasons of bitterness, of being honey-sweet in spite, will end.

“End this night, if it be Your will.”*

We are divine dust, alchemized into sentience. The black sky, the black infinity, the presence of all light, all color, all — all, just all — is us. You can escape eradication when you are infinite, and it burns the souls of those who are not. …

*As written for The Harambee Collective, August 2020*

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You already have your life. It was a gift to you from your ancestors. “Getting” is a ferocious alternative to aligning with all that is already in store for you. …

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So, I went to college. There were times I wished I hadn’t, but not going was never introduced as an option in my family. I loved, and still love, learning, and I had large ambitions. I wanted to be a healer, closing the equity gap in women’s healthcare for Black women. I am a healer today, but not in the way I thought I would be when I was 17. That is okay, but how I came to it was not.

Amherst successfully shattered any dreams of medicine for me. The pre-med path is arduous at any college and students are okay with that. We don’t mind arduous, but we hope for fair. At Amherst, “fair” is a nearly unreachable standard: equity is not a priority. It seems more like the goal of the path is to weed out the vulnerable rather than produce the most intelligent, well-rounded, empathetic, and creative physicians. I have many friends who survived the pre-med track via sheer force of will and I am proud of them every single day. Each of them paid dearly for their “survival,” often trading their sanity, their collegiate experiences, their relationships, and their academic exploration (which Amherst allegedly prizes). …


Keylee Miracle

Keylee is a writer, coach, and rabid Springsteen fan from Brooklyn, NY, dedicated to grounded high hope.

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