Don’t Just Boost Your Social Media Following Captivate Them!

I can write paragraphs upon paragraphs on the topic of a short attention span, especially when it comes to being on social media. How much of us can admit that you will be viewing one thing on a social media site and just like that end up in all types of other places, totally forgetting where you were in the first place? Say for instance, I am on Facebook, then, I see another link, I click on it, end up on a website. From that website to another. Maybe that website will lead me to YouTube. Once I’m on YouTube I end up clicking on other videos and by time I look I’ve spent so much time doing other things I didn’t even intend on doing, lol. This is why you have to capture and captivate your audience or else they will click and end up elsewhere. Whether it is a business that you are promoting or a service you are offering you want the attention of your viewers. Some people just want attention period and that’s fine too.

If your trying to attract attention to your business you have to get to your point quick and in a catchy way. For example, I own and operate a bakery. To draw customers in, I have to first take amazing pictures that I know will be eye catching, if someone is scrolling down their explore page I want them to see my picture and be attracted enough to click on my profile. Staying with the trends is important. At one point it was all about princesses, now it’s unicorns, you tend to know what your targeted audience needs and fulfill that. If you are show casing a talent, say you are a musician or a comedian, it is important to highlight your best in the first 3 seconds of your video that will determine if someone is going to continue watching. I say 3 seconds because that’s all it takes for me to determine if I will continue to watch. Most people have a gimmick and that works as well. Hashtags are also extremely important, it helps people to find exactly what they are looking for. And if you just want attention for yourself, or any other reason you determine who your audience is that you want to capture the attention of and you post things that would appealing to that said audience.

There are three ways to gain user attention on social media: sharing in real time, catchy image/photo, and great user generated content. Posting in real time can mean that you do a live which has become so popular. People love seeing things as they are happening and makes them feel a part of whatever it is that you are doing. It can also mean that if an event is happening you can share something related. For example, I am a basketball fan, the NBA season has officially started and I posted some GSW cake pops I made, along with hashtags. I had posted them before but at this time they became more popular. Having an eye catching image will definitely generate traffic your way. It is best to use your own photo as opposed to stock photos because it feels more authentic and people see exactly what they are getting.

Of all three user generated content is the best. “Not only is it authentic as someone else took the time to capture a moment featuring your brand or business, it also taps into the idea that you are giving your fans and customers a little nod and thank you. It shows you are paying attention to what they are doing online and it gives them that feeling of fame.” (Frasco, 2017) It gives others the ability to also share your content and this can be done at any time, therefore, it also keeps your info from getting stale. Some people cannot engage you long enough to care or even want whatever it is that they are offering and that can definitely be a big problem.

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

Securing engagement in social media basically refers to finding ways that you can captivate your audience enough that they will continue to come back to your page/app. This is important especially if you are offering goods or services. Most companies now use apps because tablets and phones have been so popular. It is important that when an individual finds your page or app they will always want to come back. There are several ways of doing this. Of course having a nice icon or pictures is good. Having an eye catching title is always helpful. I have clicked and ended up on certain pages just because they may have a title that seems interesting to me. I will be hash tagging cakes for example, and if there is a headline that may say make the perfect cake pop in just 5 minutes, it will draw my attention because I know it takes more than that to make the cake pop. It piques my curiosity as to what method they are using. Having a picture that others are going to be drawn to is very helpful.

“Attention refers to a continuous eye movement. An eye tracker can be employed to record the visual space, fixation duration, fixation frequency (number of fixations), and fixation points, in addition to helping a viewer make a choice or preference judgment.” (Lin, Hsieh, & Wu, 2016) This visual attention is what will draw your customers in. I have been at the mall numerous times and have gone into the store just because of the front display. However, I would get in there and walk right back out because nothing else was there to grab my attention. Therefore, you must make sure you’re able to maintain that attention by having other content that is just as catchy or close.

Three ways to maintain this attention is: connecting individuals with what they want, show personality in micro content, and encouraging brand advocates to be a part of your community. When you connect people with what they are looking for they will continue to come back. For instance, some cakes are out of this world crazy, people are always looking for that next big thing. I saw a cake done in Australia, it was a handbag and you could actually wear it, then the lady had a carry on suitcase that was cake and it actually could be wheeled around. I shared and gave credit, it automatically attracted tons of people to my page because they wanted to see this amazing cake.

Showing personality is so important, people want to feel a part of what you are doing, they like excitement and having personality in your content will help to appeal to others. Maybe you can create an icon that is appealing and themed based, that is an example of a personal touch. Encouraging brand advocates to be a part of your site is important as well. Most people turn to social media such as snap chat because they want to see the latest on the celebrities and what they are doing. Most time I will log in to Instagram just for that. These tools if utilize correctly will help you to not only generate an audience but will also assist you in keeping them.


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