Morning Rituals and Calea Zacatechichi

Today was another one of my chill days, I was able to sleep in today and truly relax. I participated in an early morning debate, which usually gets me fired up and ready to save the world. Then reality hits and I remember I haven’t completed the simple task of brushing my teeth.

I completed my early morning reading and continued my Seven Days of Meditation and Manifestation which I will write about later. I eventually had a craving for my favorite breakfast spot over in Kirkwood, by the name of La Petite Marche.

It’s such an aesthetically visual place with a sense of the neighborhood community kitchen. Walking in you are warmly greeted with great customer service but even more with a warm and decorative environment. A grand chandelier hangs in the middle of the front entrance while medium to large sized woven basket balls hang in the window. There is a wall full of multicolored china plates plastered to it and quant coffee shop type tables and chairs seating hungry tummies. Many unique things that grab your eye are here but completely add to the total feel of it.

I know I’m making this place sound really grand but this place is the sh*t and you have to see it for yourself. On top of that the food is so yummy! I had my usual, French Toast Sandwich with veggie sausage…mhm yes, veggie sausage.

Talk about can’t believe it’s not meat! I love it, because it’s the sensation of eating meat without eating it at all. After awhile you get tired of feeling like you’re missing out and have to get the scrutinizing looks about how you don’t eat meat. People want you to conform so bad, well my veggie patty is my conformity.

The remainder of my day didn’t consist of much afterwards, I brainstormed my writing material so that I could have some topics to further discuss. I continued my studies and pondered other random things.

I’m currently ending my day with a warm cup of Calea tea which my colleagues and I just about chugged. So the run down on my cup of Calea is that Calea Zacatechichi is a natural herb that induces lucid dreaming. My counterparts (one is a shaman) decided we’d try this tea to see its affects on us separately. We brewed it using a steel tea pot, sweetened it with honey, and it’s extremely bitter taste forced us to chug the whole thing.

Before we even began drinking anything, we did a group meditation to bless the tea, bless and protect us and then we each individually set an intention within ourselves. Then we chugged, because even honey couldn’t mask how earthy those leaves and bark tasted. There are easy to use preparation instructions and a little information on the herb here : for curious readers.

My personal intention was that any subconscious blocks not permitting any spiritual, emotional or financial progress be revealed to me. I get answers in my dreams so I figured this would be a great time to tackle anything my conscious mind was overlooking. Many times we don’t recognize deep programming or deep thought patterns that hinder are growth because they’re so engraved in our subconscious, but the moment you do see, it seems that all the dots connect.

It could be that we drank some really nasty bitter tea or it could mean we get to have some really dope dreams. Time is best at telling things like that.