Congrats to Saddiq Bey For Destroying My Orlando Magic

Thursday Night was another long hard night of banging my head against the wall. Yes, I’m an Orlando Magic fan, and the team is in a miserable stretch where they can’t do anything right. We are far from the days of Penny, Shaq, Jameer, and Dwight.

This was the battle of the worst teams in basketball. Magic was already down in the season series 2–1 against Detriot. This game comes after being humiliated at home against the Nets, who scored 150 points, and Kyrie Irving, who scored 60.

Tonight they continued to be awful. At this point, it has to be embarrassing being a part of this roster. The Orlando Magic have a young team with very few vets, but giving up 150 and then 134 back to back in Orlando is sad.

Saddiq Bey scored 51 points tonight, the second-year player from Villanova. While I can admit, Saddiq was phenomenal and shot the lights out all night. However, the defense was dreadful; guys were throwing their arms up halfway people weren’t switching when they were supposed to.

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Jamahl Mosley is a very young coach in his first year, but this team doesn’t look like their fighting. All year the Magic have been missing the likings of Jonathan Isaac, Wendell Carter Jr., and even newly acquired Bol Bol. All of these players play good enough defense and compete. The players’ display was embarrassing on the defensive end, and we should expect better.

On the bright side, Franz Wagner played tonight and has had a good season overall. Wagner is the number eighth overall pick from this past draft, and he’s been everything I’ve expected and more. Wagner is scoring 15.3 ppg on 47% and has a 34 percent from beyond the arc. The rookie also has a PER of 14.44, which is almost league average which is good as the primary option on a bad team.

Steven Ryan/Getty Images

RJ Hampton continues his inefficient struggles. He took an awful foul at the end of the game to give Bey two points to get beyond the 50 point mark. Hampton is still a young player, but he hasn’t been right all year. I don’t know if he isn’t focused or the coaching isn’t there, but it has been awful. Tonight he was inefficient and very undisciplined. Hampton had a measly eight points, three assists, and two rebounds. His plus/minus wasn’t the worst on the team, but he was the least effective on this particular game.

Mo Bamba pitched in 10 points and 12 boards. He wasn’t much of an impact on the game due to his lack of scoring. Bamba isn’t consistent with scoring output yet. I was a massive fan of Bamba when he came out of Texas. He hasn’t been able to put together a compatible offensive package yet. He couldn’t contain Bagley. Bamba was awful on defense tonight. It was hard for Mosley to have him in the game late. The plus/minus was the worst on the team with a -14.

Mo Bamba od the Orlando Magic GETTY IMAGES

Point guard Cole Anthony was the most efficient he’s been all year. He gave the team 12 points, five rebounds, and seven assists. Anthony had a decent stat line, but tonight, his defense was a considerable problem. The Pistons were getting the switch and going to work on him. Unfortunately, he’s a small guard, so that will happen, but I need more effort from him. I need that Patrick Beverly grit from him.

Last but the most diminutive of the starters was Mortiz Wagner. He turned in a solid 16 points. He wasn’t much of a force on the glass, only snatching five rebounds. Similarly, like his younger brother Wagner isn’t a great defender but has been getting better throughout the season. The closeout on the defensive end was a problem all night for him.

Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The bench played well, being able to give more scoring options. Terrance Ross scored a good 17, and Markelle Fultz scored 11 points. The bench as a whole totaled 48 points. On the other hand, the bench didn’t move the ball well. The turnovers killed the team tonight, as the Pistons had 11 steals.

The Magic are the worst team in basketball by far, and it infuriates me. We will be in the lottery for the second year in a row. The only positive to all this is now I can look forward to draft season.



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