The Problem with White Shunning
Quinn Norton

Actually, I think silence, regardless of one’s racial heritage is often the most appropriate way.

There is too much division today. I hate adding my voice to this.

Too much social media noise. Too much MSM noise. Not enough living and connecting with other. Not enough living with integrity.

Nowadays, church has been replaced with the repugnant SWJ’s. And it’s fine that church has become more isolated in a way. But rather than preaching by whomever, including the SWJ’s, we can all focus on being positive, living with honor and integrity. This speaks volumes and is a more organic way to do (as opposed to just talk) the change that is needed.

It is articles like this that make me turn up my nose. More noise. Do, don’t talk.

My .o2. No likey, keep movin’.

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