The “Good Girlfriend” Problem: When Your Orgasms Aren’t Important
Demetra Nyx

I like your article once I got to it. It is something all people can benefit from.

However, the first part, and this is what I’m referencing…

*** This article largely discusses heterosexual relationships, and uses the terms “men” and “women” when talking about people who have been raised male and female. This is not meant to be exclusive and can apply to any person who has been raised this way, no matter what terms you currently use to identify yourself — please take from this only what works for you.***

is ridiculous. Why would you apologize for what you want to say — well, technically, it’s not an apology, but it basically acts as one.

It is also “value signaling” which is beyond ridiculous… pathetic even.

It’s like you are trying, and failing, to resist the urge to act as a SJW, value signal, and apologize for what you want to say.

This kind of a liberal morass of nonsense is what we have lowered ourselves to by not being able to just say what is on our mind for fear that someone, heaven forbid, might end up taking offense.

Well, just know, I took offense… to you not simply being your authentic self and writing what you want to write, without apologizing to anyone… without value signaling.

Minus 50 claps for the nonsense.

Plus 50 claps for the article itself.

Unfortunately, that leaves a net zero claps.

Great article, once I got got to it. Swimming past the liberal nonsense, not so great.