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For all born and unborn Children of Humanity

Some of the standard questions I often ask my guests on my show TotalBitcoin:

  • How do you envision humanity´s future with Bitcoin as the monetary rootlayer?
  • How could the life of the average person look like or be transformed in a society or civilization based on Bitcoin?
  • How can you imagine a (hyper-) Bitcoinized world on a monetary, economical, social, structural, scientific-technological, and spiritual level?
  • What is your imagination, dream, and comprehension of a monetary evolution, rooted in Bitcoin?

Hardly any of my interviewed guests can describe a concrete (!) idea, dream, vision or a realistic individual “testimonial” in connection with Bitcoin- the very thing we- Bitcoiners- are all so excited about and obsessed with. Without going into the emotional-psychological rabbit hole, I have the feeling the reason for the usual default answer (“I do not know what the future will look like…”; “I don´t want to speculate on the future” blabla) could be also the lack of imagination and holistic comprehension of all the pieces of the bigger picture- on every level you can think of: monetary, economical principles (true free market principles, structural (contractual protection of private property & liberty, health, freedom); social, scientific-technological etc. …

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After more than a week sitting on my ass, I finally managed to turn my Casa2-hardware (Raspberry Pi4 etc.) into a “mynode”-Full Node with approximately 80–90% of all the available & integrated functions, features, and apps (Lightning & Samourai wallets; HWW etc.) activated and connected to my own full node.

Even before I started to read and watch tons of instructional materials and prepare myself for this techy-nerdy-geeky mental masturbation procedure,
I thought to myself: how the fuck is an average (non-technical) user, customer, shop-&business-owner, or merchant supposed to use this technology, its applications & payment-infrastructure (Full Node; Hardware Wallet; Point of Sale; Lightning Wallet;…not to mention taking care of enhanced Security; Privacy; Coinjoining; etc.). To put this into perspective: my girlfriend, who is running her own company, business, and shop by herself and works literally seven days a week, would love to offer her customers an alternative Bitcoin-payment-system, but she simply has neither the time, energy, or (technical) knowledge to integrate a full node, point of sale….and …

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We live in a time of unprecendented changes, transformations,…and fear- at least what most people on this planet are concerned.
The politically untouchable, legally unaccountable, and criminally immune entities of monopolistic or oligarchistic governments, Central Banks, and other enslaving structures have started to undress the last fig-leaf.
This time it means that the Central Bankers with their subservient governmental puppets — who sold out their soul a long time ago — don´t give a fuck about humanity´s reaction. The systematic violence, aggression, coercion, and theft in action is in our face.

Still, the tendency of any arrogant and blindly executing (criminal) empire is to self-terminate their very own controlling power of Fiat-Money. By going into infinite printing of money or digitally expanding the money-supply, while exponentially creating more and more credit & debt, an uncontrollable chain-reaction of events starts unfolding. Every child understands by now that by expanding the (Fiat) money-supply, the value and purchasing-power of every unit is diminished. The distortion of price-signals, while expanding the money-supply literally out of thin air, creating debt by order of magnitude, bailing out banks & corporations (stock-buyback was once illegal), unleashes an unstoppable chain-reaction of consequential economical-financial-social damages, wealth-transfers (to the top “elite” of the pyramid), unemployment, insolvencies, supply-shocks,…and enslaves many billions of people by making them even more dependent on welfare (Universal Basic Income). …

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Bitcoin: The Monetary-Technological Root-Key for Human Freedom

Can Bitcoin free the infinite number of suppressed technology within the military-corporate-industrial complex…and serve total humanity?

The former US-President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, explicity warned the people in his Military-Industrial-Complex Speech in 1961:

“…This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

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Reading and listening through the infinite twitter-threads, articles, podcasts, videos, and other truly precious “educational” materials aint easy for the curiously minded Bitcoin-newbie. Expecting that the fresh user and hodler starts educating himself on how to “mix” his newly acquired Satoshis with the definitely appreciated mobile&desktop-wallet-applications (Samourai´s Whirlpool, Wasabi etc.) before transferring them to his/her hardware-wallet, cannot be taken seriously, especially when we are talking about the average, technically inexperienced, and insecure user.

Now, I am conscious of the reality of time, patience, and the necessary process of development, in order to make technical/technological applications truly easy and userfriendly. I am aware that every user, whether newbie or a little more experienced, should be self-responsible in taking the minimally necessary time to educate oneself in an open-minded fashion.
Yet, when it comes to security, privacy, fungibility, and other indispensable features (why not more by automatic default?) in the process of buying, sending, mixing, and transferring Satoshis/Bitcoin, I would love to see more simplification and empathy within the Bitcoin-community, whether you are a technical developer or whatever. …

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Copyright by: Keyvan Davani. TheTotalConnector.

Buy and Hodl Satoshis.

If you are a total newbie to the space of Bitcoin, let it be said: No, you do not need to buy one whole Bitcoin. Thanks to Satoshi Nakomoto, who set the core-principals of Bitcoin in stone, there will only be an absolutely limited amount of 21 Million coins, the last one to be minted around the year 2140- with a pre-programmed disinflationary difficulty adjustment.

Bitcoin is the scarcest money ever created in human history, which makes it harder and scarcer than gold with its relative scarcity (every year, an additional 1–2 % of gold is added to the existing stock of estimated 195 000 tons). …

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By now, most people- even in the mainstream media — have understood that the total amount of all Bitcoins — to be mined until the year 2140 —
is predetermined, absolutely limited, and set in stone with 21 Million Bitcoins since the release of Satoshi Nakomoto´s coded version 0.1 in 2009.
Various analysts have estimated that approximately a minimum of 2.7 up to a maximum of 4 million Bitcoins have been “lost” due to a number
of possible reasons: lost private keys, owners died without taking care of inheritance-issues and not leaving behind the access to their private keys etc.
Since there are approximately 3.2 million Bitcoins still to be mined and considering the amount of Bitcoins lost forever, the fascinating question arises
as to how many Satoshis or what (smallest) fraction of 1 Bitcoin every human being could own or “hodl”?
Hypothetically, if we should assume that 3 Million Bitcoins have already been lost, then there would only be 18 Million Bitcoins in totality.
If every Bitcoin is divisible and made of 100 Million Satoshis, then 18 Mio. x 100 Mio. = 1.8 quadrillion Satoshis.
Even if we had assumed no lost coins whatsoever, here my question to the mathematically talented (Bitcoin-) experts.
Considering the already “hodled”, mined and to be mined Bitcoins until the year 2140, what is the realistic amount of Satoshis or fraction of 1 Bitcoin to be owned by all 7.5–8 billion human beings on this planet?

Last, but not least-out of curiosity- do you (theoretically) think that the 1 Million Bitcoins, which Satoshi Nakomoto had “reserved” for himself in the early days of the birth of Bitcoins, could be “evenly” distributed equally to all human beings in the future?

Podcast-Show: The Total Connector.

About the author:
Keyvan Davani.
Ph.D. in Law (Juridicum, Univ. of Vienna/Austria )
CEO, Founder and Show-host of The Total Connector.
Total Bitcoin. Total Decentralization. Total Freedom.

Investigative Researcher, Scientist, Author, Educator, Consultant, and Speaker.
Knowledge in the fields of Science & Technology, Bitcoin, Austrian Economics, and Law.


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Imagine a world where the human civilization has matured and evolved on every level you can think of- on the “soundest” monetary rootlayer of Bitcoin: the hardest, scarcest, open, neutral, censorship-resistant, borderless, uncontrollable, unstoppable…and totally decentralized monetary rootlayer will have finally become part of our nature in the creation of exponential value and servitude to humanity in totality.

Let us try to understand the questions together. After understanding the question “Why Bitcoin?!”, we should ask ourselves what is the overall purpose, intention, vision, and wish behind all these complex talks on Bitcoin within the infinite circles of intelligence and knowledge. At the end of the day, what shall Bitcoin be good for? Not only do all of us wish for ourselves and the children of the future an existence in freedom, wealth, prosperity, and physical-material wellbeing, but should we not seek after an evolutionary and peaceful condition with spiritual, intellectual, emotional, scientific, and technological evolutionary process by an exponential rate of speed in synchronicity? …

BitcoinReality vs. Central Banks.

The Monetary Evolution for Humanity.

For My Baba´s Soul, All Children, and Humanity in Total Peace.

Part 4:


The urging question arises why a privately owned and obsessively controlling central banking structure coordinated centrally by the BIS, that causes and effects the existence and lives of nearly 8 billion people worldwide, with incalculable and astronomical chain-reaction of monetary, financial, and economical consequences and damages, can operate as a self-appointed and untouchable-immune entity, without fearing any kind of justified civil and criminal prosecution or legal action whatsoever. [ i.e. regarding the Bank for International Settlements: Privileges and immunities according to Art. 4 and 12, “Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Bank for International Settlements to determine the Bank’s legal status in Switzerland”: (retrieved on Sept. 10th, 2018).]
As once the chairman of the Midland Bank, Reginald McKenna, told its stockholders in January, 1924:: “I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do create money…And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of the Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people”. [ Quigley, Tragedy and Hope (1966), p. …

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Copright for Brand-Image: Keyvan Davani

BitcoinReality vs. Central Banks.

The Monetary Evolution for Humanity.

For My Baba´s Soul, All Children, and Humanity in Total Peace.

Part 3:

The Missing Link in the Criminal Central Banking Cartel:

The centralized criminal coordination of the Central bank of all central banks, The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), becomes obvious within the infinite space of fractional-reserve banking, by reading de Soto´s enlightening conclusions in his chapter of “Central and Free Banking Theory” [ Jesús Huerta de Soto, “Money, Bank Credit, And Economic Cycles” (2012), 3rd ed., pp. 664-670.]: “The analysis shows that under such circumstances, even if interbank clearing mechanisms limit isolated expansionary schemes, these spontaneous mechanisms actually encourage implicit or explicit agreements among themselves, and ultimately, a central bank tends to emerge. Central banks generally appear as a result of requests from private banks themselves, who wish to institutionalize joint credit expansion via a government agency designed to orchestrate and organize it.
In this way, the ‘uncooperative’ behaviour of a significant number of relatively more prudent bankers is prevented from endangering the solvency of the rest (those who are more ‘cheerful’ in granting loans). Therefore our analysis enables to conclude the following: (1) that the interbank clearing mechanism does not serve to limit credit expansion in a fractional reserve-reserve free-banking system if most banks decide to simultaneously expand their loans in the absence of a prior rise in voluntary saving; (2) that the fractional-reserve banking system itself prompts bankers to initiate their expansionary policies in a combined, coordinated matter; and (3) that bankers in the system have a powerful incentive to demand and obtain the establishment of a central bank to institutionalize and orchestrate credit expansion for all banks, and to guarantee the creation of the necessary liquidity in the “troublesome” periods, which, as bankers know from experience, inevitably reappear. …
Therefore we can conclude that banking legislation is condemned to failure and will continue to be so unless the present form is thoroughly abolished and replaced by a few simple articles to be included in the commercial and penal codes. These articles would establish the regulation of the monetary bank-deposit contract according to traditional legal principles (a 100-percent reserve requirement) and would prohibit all contracts which mask fractional-reserve banking….Instead, free banking should be seen as an indirect route to the ideal free-banking system, one subject to legal principles, i.e., a 100-percent reserve requirement. …


Keyvan Davani

Dr. jur. Keyvan Davani is educator, show-host, consultant, and speaker on Bitcoin & Austrian Economics.

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