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For all born and unborn Children of Humanity

Some of the standard questions I often ask my guests on my show TotalBitcoin:

  • How do you envision humanity´s future with Bitcoin as the monetary rootlayer?
  • How could the life of the average person look like or be transformed in a society or civilization based on Bitcoin?
  • How can you imagine a (hyper-) Bitcoinized world on a monetary, economical, social, structural, scientific-technological, and spiritual level?
  • What is your imagination, dream, and comprehension of a monetary evolution, rooted in Bitcoin?

Hardly any of my interviewed guests can describe a concrete (!) idea, dream, vision or a realistic individual “testimonial” in connection with Bitcoin- the very thing we- Bitcoiners- are all so excited about and obsessed with. Without going into the emotional-psychological rabbit hole, I have the feeling the reason for the usual default answer (“I do not know what the future will look like…”; “I don´t want to speculate on the future” blabla) could be also the lack of imagination and holistic comprehension of all the pieces of the bigger picture- on every level you can think of: monetary, economical principles (true free market principles, structural (contractual protection of private property & liberty, health, freedom); social, scientific-technological etc. …

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After more than a week sitting on my ass, I finally managed to turn my Casa2-hardware (Raspberry Pi4 etc.) into a “mynode”-Full Node with approximately 80–90% of all the available & integrated functions, features, and apps (Lightning & Samourai wallets; HWW etc.) activated and connected to my own full node.

Even before I started to read and watch tons of instructional materials and prepare myself for this techy-nerdy-geeky mental masturbation procedure,
I thought to myself: how the fuck is an average (non-technical) user, customer, shop-&business-owner, or merchant supposed to use this technology, its applications & payment-infrastructure (Full Node; Hardware Wallet; Point of Sale; Lightning Wallet;…not to mention taking care of enhanced Security; Privacy; Coinjoining; etc.). To put this into perspective: my girlfriend, who is running her own company, business, and shop by herself and works literally seven days a week, would love to offer her customers an alternative Bitcoin-payment-system, but she simply has neither the time, energy, or (technical) knowledge to integrate a full node, point of sale….and …

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We live in a time of unprecendented changes, transformations,…and fear- at least what most people on this planet are concerned.
The politically untouchable, legally unaccountable, and criminally immune entities of monopolistic or oligarchistic governments, Central Banks, and other enslaving structures have started to undress the last fig-leaf.
This time it means that the Central Bankers with their subservient governmental puppets — who sold out their soul a long time ago — don´t give a fuck about humanity´s reaction. The systematic violence, aggression, coercion, and theft in action is in our face.

Still, the tendency of any arrogant and blindly executing (criminal) empire is to self-terminate their very own controlling power of Fiat-Money. By going into infinite printing of money or digitally expanding the money-supply, while exponentially creating more and more credit & debt, an uncontrollable chain-reaction of events starts unfolding. Every child understands by now that by expanding the (Fiat) money-supply, the value and purchasing-power of every unit is diminished. The distortion of price-signals, while expanding the money-supply literally out of thin air, creating debt by order of magnitude, bailing out banks & corporations (stock-buyback was once illegal), unleashes an unstoppable chain-reaction of consequential economical-financial-social damages, wealth-transfers (to the top “elite” of the pyramid), unemployment, insolvencies, supply-shocks,…and enslaves many billions of people by making them even more dependent on welfare (Universal Basic Income). …


Keyvan Davani

Dr. jur. Keyvan Davani is educator, show-host, consultant, and speaker on Bitcoin & Austrian Economics.

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