KeyVault-The new generation of keyholder with 32 GB USB


KeyVault is a modern, innovative, user-friendly key holder.

KeyVault opens easily, but stays closed when it’s supposed to. The ends are designed in a modern way to organize key in an elegant way , and they interlock to avoid anything sliding off accidentally. KeyVault design is truly unique or you can say remarkable .

Keyring has been around for 100 years and during this century long time, countless problems occur like more messy keychains, jingling keys, scratched on other products and holes in pocket, nails were broken and much more unspeakable frustration confront by individual.

KeyVault USB

The KeyVault comes out with bundles of awesome features which is definitely like by users keyVault is flexible, comfortable, slim with 26mm thick, that makes you easy while carrying. and the another awesome feature of key vault is durability as it was made of stainless steel then it is durable, intuitive as it help to gain easy access to your keys. And one of the most best features of keyvault is comes With the option of add-on accessories like the 32GB USB that helps you carry your digital files. It is available in multiple colors like blue, green, orange and black. The KeyVault can cater upto 12 standard keys and also contain a ring to allow extra or larger keys or items.

A 12-in-1 keyholder that fits in your wallet, so it’s always there when you need it. From opening locked doors to carry your digital files, KeyVault helps you conquer life’s everyday small tasks.

KeyVault is user-friendly keyholder and we are excited to share it with you but in order to manufacture it, we need your help! Please visit