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Who made Goodbye Gun Stocks, and why?

We’re the team behind Hello Money, the easiest way to design and share your investment portfolios. It is one of the “7 Best Personal Finance Apps” by Product Hunt, and de facto tool of sharing investment portfolios on Reddit.

We are a self-funded startup led by a husband & wife team:

  • Keywon Chung, MIT Media Lab, IDEO, Designer (Twitter | LinkedIn)
  • Michael Shilman, UC Berkeley Computer Science PhD, Microsoft Research, Engineer (Twitter | LinkedIn)

As a small independent team, we are not affiliated with any fund companies or investing advisors.

Goodbye Gun Stocks creators: Keywon (left) and Michael (right)

Our Story

After watching the film Food Inc., Goodbye Gun Stocks creator Keywon Chung donated to a campaign to fight Monsanto Company’s predatory legal practices against farmers. However, after a few hours of research, she was shocked to discover she’d held Monsanto stock in her 401(k) for the previous seven years. It didn’t make any sense for her to act against companies with one hand while supporting them financially with the other.

Investing has become an essential life skill. All adults are responsible for figuring out their own financial securities and retirement planning. But unlike other life skills like driving, few adults acquire investing skills. In fact, personal investors are constantly discouraged from understanding where their money is going, thanks to the jargons and layers of abstraction.

As a result, personal investors are accustomed to putting their hard-earned money in investment portfolios they don’t understand — a black box, suggested by their money managers, books, or robo-adivsors.

We want to see a world where personal investors can control the financial metrics (risk, return, expenses) and topical metrics (know where your money is going) of their portfolio design.

Hello Money: Financial Analysis for Everyone


Hello Money turns the black box into LEGO blocks for the self-initiated investors. It lets you assemble a portfolio from over 24,000 funds and stocks available in the US, like how you’d play with LEGO blocks.

Hello Money, a portfolio design and sharing tool. (http://hellomoney.co/)

As you add each stock or fund into the portfolio, you can instantly see how it affects the overall performance, most importantly, returns, risk, and expenses. Each portfolio design is given a unique URL so that you can share it and get peer or advisor feedback.

Used by hundreds of thousands of investors online, Hello Money is popular on Reddit, a community that includes over 6M users interested in finance and investing. It’s now an official tool for /r/portfolios.

Goodbye Gun Stocks: Topical Analysis for Everyone

We’ve empowered personal investors to perform basic financial analysis of their portfolios with Hello Money. But there is more: The information we’re processing and curating for the users can also be used to help choose the funds that fit your value system better.

Currently only high net worth individuals who can afford investment advisors willing to do in-depth research into the thousands of funds can afford such analysis. With Goodbye Gun Stocks however, anyone can analyze their investment funds against domestic gun and ammo maker/seller stocks.

💝 Dropbox Link 👉 All assets and text files are available here: http://j.mp/goodbyegunstocks-kit

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