May 24, 2016 · 1 min read

Thanks for the comment. You have a valid point. Some people may choose to “offset” their investment another way. I think it’s fine if that’s something you can choose.

But I believe there are plenty people who want to get their money out of their personal blacklist stocks. I myself became interested in this problem because the same day I donated to a campaign against Monsanto, I found out that I had invested in Monsanto stock for 7 years via my 401k. For me, offset was not a solution, but a problem.

Added to the fact is that there are increasing number of broad index funds or ETFs that don’t have ethically questionable stocks, either by policy or accident. For example, after building Goodbye Gun Stocks I discovered Vanguard carries a Social Index fund as well.

I think the consumer desire is there, but the provider side of the market (in terms of available financial products) is not quite there yet. And I am curious to see what a truly personalized socially responsible investing might require.


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    Full-stack designer based in San Francisco and Seoul, Korea. Past: Cofounder of, MIT @MediaLab, @IDEO Palo Alto, and @Microsoft.

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