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A good way to learn is to make a useful thing with whatever you’re trying to learn.

One useful thing for me was set up my own VPN or Virtual Private Network. My work machines have VPN set up for security in case the network I connect to is compromised. Let’s face it: public wifi isn’t safe. Public wifi is untrustworthy; VPNs are important unless you’re connected to a wifi network you have set up yourself or one that you trust. I wanted the same thing for my personal machine.

I could buy a subscription (if you…

I’m excited to be here with you, welcome to 2019! 🎊

💖 Looking back: gratitude

I know progress and growth don’t happen in isolation. I’m a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people in whose values you can believe.

I’m grateful to advocate for the Design-driven Developer° in the company of such wonderful humans; Ben Michel and Pablo Stanley (to name just a few) help us put people first, to create the sort of environment that ideates and builds the most impactful products.

🚀 Leaping forward: excitement

Not long ago, we made commitments to you. And we’ll continue to make good on those this year.

We began working…

👋 Hello, friend!

Let’s talk about what it means to have a Conversation through Design — and why it’s important to us all. We’ll talk about how we intend to bring our passion and philosophy to bear on bringing engineering and design closer. We’ll also talk about the Studio user experience.

We’re here to discover what design looks like together, with you.

“And I’d like to just continue to be able to express myself
As best as I can with this instrument
And I feel like I have a lot of work to do” *

DJ Shadow, Building Steam With a Grain…

As the conference is about to kickoff and I’m waiting for my coffee, I felt strongly about sharing my feelings for all of the above. At the end of this I’ve included 3 tips on how to make the most of being in the same space with loads of cool people; people who are interested in the same things as you and doing dope things, like you!

Community and confs

Community is important to me. It was, before I was a dev. It’s part of how I became a dev. The community will always be part of my journey.

CascadiaJS helped me find…

Mailgun is a service that lets developers programmatically send and receive emails. Namecheap is a domain registrar. I wanted to setup Mailgun to use custom email with the domain I manage using Namecheap. But I stumbled on some issues with settings.

I eventually got it working, and I’m sharing my solutions here just in case someone else hits the same blocks with these (or other) email and domain services.

Let’s get to it!

By this point, you have already added your domain to Mailgun. Now you need to add Mailgun-related DNS records to your domain.

While setting up, I followed the steps given by…

When I was 28, I believed a holiday fling could have a future.

Typhoon warnings shut down the trains and trails, as chance had my path cross another’s. I couldn’t leave and she couldn’t hike. Instead she went out for a late breakfast. When I woke up later, our host sent me to the same café (bless you, Doris).

I recognized her from dinner the night before. I asked to join her table. We talked.

And ate.

And played with the café’s two cats.

We decided the hostel crew would enjoy a dinner party while being stuck indoors in the…

Somebody say shell scripts?!

Today I finally simplified some tasks I keep doing over and over again. These tasks are exactly what shell scripts are useful for!

I’ll list 5 steps to writing your own basic shell script! You can easily extend it after.

If you’re new to development or have not written a shell script before, this is for you!

We’re going to write a script called marvin 🤖 that will pull from two different git repositories with one command and start a database with another.

1. Create your file!

The file you create needs to be accessible from the terminal. For this…

Manil Chowdhury - I help humans code together. Dev Advocate 🥑 ex-InVision. Supports NodeSchoolYVR, CodeCoffeeYVR, the Node.js Community Committee.

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