Please don’t do what I did.

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Image description: Keziyah Lewis sitting on a balcony overlooking the city. Comuna 13, Medellin, Colombia.

(Originally posted on the Juniors in Tech blog. Written by Keziyah Lewis.)

I got laid off recently. And of course that means I suddenly have to find a new job. That sucks. I can’t overstate how much I hate that I have to find a new job. It has not been fun so far, and I predict that my mental health is only going to get worse the longer this process gets.

But one thing I do have now, that I didn’t have last time around, is experience with the horrible, soul crushing tech job search process. I know what worked for me last time around, and what didn’t work. …

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Rachel Hezel

Are bootcamps worth the cost, or are you better off learning on your own?

This week we’ll get to know Rachel Hezel, Admissions Advisor at Fullstack Academy, a coding bootcamp that offers courses in NYC, Chicago, and remotely. I know that many of you are interested in bootcamps, and would like to know more about how to get into one, and perhaps more importantly, whether they’re worth the money.

I went to Fullstack’s Grace Hopper Program, and would recommend it. But I understand why some people are skeptical about attending bootcamps, especially considering the cost. You don’t have to go to a bootcamp in order to break into tech (just ask Tae’lur Alexis or Lennyroy Robles, who learned to code completely on their own). …

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Angelica Ortiz

This week we’ll get to know Angelica Ortiz, an experience designer and creative technologist who specializes in experiential spaces and emerging technology.

As an experience designer, Angelica solves problems on screens and in physical and virtual spaces, using a wide variety of technologies like VR, AR, and robotics. She currently works at 900lbs and has a podcast called Law Zero (with brand strategist Carole Trickey), which is about ethics and emerging tech.

I asked her about her podcast & ethical issues related to emerging tech. …


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