Stop Learning — Start Dying

Written by Okechukwu Emmanuel Adum (La Kez)

The average Nigerian would rather scroll through pictures than write-ups. We are so lazy to read, not to mention write. We channel our areas of interests to things that don't require reading and writing. Makes us feel safe, comfortable, on the go. We've misplace our values.

Look around you. What do you see? "Unemployed graduate" You'll gladly say, feeling justified. The government don't create jobs, recession has eaten deep into private firms so no jobs. 
Graduate! Graduate! Graduate! I hear that word everyday. A graduate that hates to read, hates to write, hates to talk, even hates to work, but he wants a Job. He can't even speak or communicate effectively, writing nko? (a disaster!). Shamefully ridiculous! 
How do you learn without reading? how do you research without reading? how do you observe without writing? how do you document without writing?

No matter the field you find yourself, what makes you exceptional is how you develop yourself at that place and time.

We may not all have the same gifts, or love the samethings, but somethings should be valued with paramount importance. That information you need to stir up that million dollars idea lurking in you is written somewhere in a book, site, blog, magazine, note, novel, article or post waiting for you to pick up your lazy ass and read.

You start dying when you stop learning. Choose your poison wisely.

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