The Captivity Of Fear

By Okechukwu Emmanuel Adum (La Kez)

“Why should you put your pictures on Facebook?! Don’t you know that people would be monitoring your life? You don’t know who is who o!”. Then she’ll add scripture to it.. "Bible says: ...the heart of man is desperately wicked". With the same breathe she’ll continue.. "well, I see you’re doing pretty fine. You look good in your pictures o, I see the Lord is working manifold blessings in your life".
I believe we all have one or two friends or relations whose mindsets operates in this level of mediocrity.

***Disclaimer: (This article is not in any way intended to insult anyone, age or faith)***

I used to think this kind of mindset was predominant to our old parents and probably none Christians as well. Apparently, I was wrong. It saddens me when young people- youths in their 20s and Mid 30s, also joins the bandwagon of paranoiac idealists who shroud themselves in the cloak of Christianity by merely belonging to a church or going to churches without knowing what Christianity really means.

They make comments like.... "facebook is evil", yet they are on Facebook closing business deals. "Whatsapp is demonic". Yet they send you Bible scriptures every morning on Whatsapp. Twitter nko? They barely understand it’s need for existence, but they are registered users. What about Instagram? don’t even think of it. They can’t register on such platform; their enemies would spy on them and see their entire life and activities. You think so? My dear, check! They are registered users too.

Chatting with them on whatsapp and facebook is like chatting with a ghost. You'll never see any picture of them on their profile. They're scared people are monitoring them. Living in perpetual fear has become a norm because they've lived in its captivity all their life. But they're usually quick to say they are not afraid of anything. They claim they know who they are. No, they don't. They were only told; but they don't know for themselves. They haven't gotten that personal revelation of who they are in Christ Perhaps, they have forgotten.

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