Never Let Evil Find You Alone In The Right Place At The Right Time

The gloomy weather soon embraced its fate as the rain poured down boisterously with vigour. She looked up at the ceiling which already had water droplets. In no time, the droplets would begin to hit the ground in the well rugged room- she thought quietly. Then she took a deep breathe, cleared her throat and retorted sluggishly.

“It all started 50 years ago when I moved into our new house with my family. I was only 22years old-pretty and adored by the men in the neighborhood” the grey haired old woman smiled in a momentary drift on memory lane as she caressed the doubled triangular pendant on the necklace she wore. “then I met him” she continued. "He was such a charmer”.
**Hudson Texas, August 18, 2015**
The garden surrounding the beautiful country house blossomed with nature’s finest flowers. Margaret, a 36years Nigerian American and the mother of 2years old boy-Leonard, walked along the fields of the sunny garden enjoying the fresh feel of the Summer sun. 
Her leg suddenly stumbled on something that Pierced her toe. 
“OMG! What da f*!” she groaned in pain. She stooped down to the ground and saw traces of dry bones. She began to dig the ground with her hands to know what was buried in her garden. 
Then she felt something soft. She paused in shock. Curiosity flowed through the veins of her face. She hurriedly dug it up. It was a child’s hand engraved with double triangles on the fist and a bangle on the wrist. She immediately recognized the bangle. It was little Leonard’s left hand chopped off and buried.
She took to her heels heading to the house. Her blood pumping with fear.
"Oh my God! Leo! Leoooo!" Dashing into his room- she sees him drawing triangles on the floor. He raised up his head and stared at his 'crazy' mum.

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