August 21, 2015

“Get up, it’s already 9:30" is how I’m awaken this morning. Already 9:30? We’re on vacation. But, you’ve been up since 8, had your coffee and have been at the pool waiting for me to roll out of bed. So, I kick up my morning routine to try and catch up, because I know you want to leave by noon in order to get to the Palm Springs hotel and be poolside there the rest of the afternoon. Whew, we were able to get on the road a bit passed noon, even with me needing to eat something before we left.

We take 60E instead of 10E this time, although it doesn’t matter because you’ll still bitch about the traffic. But, the familiarity of the last leg of the trip will put a smile on your face — Cabazon Outlets is coming up, should we stop now or on our way out? Okay, later, you just want to get to the hotel. Ah, can’t get enough of all those windmills — we’re almost there. Love that the speed limit is 70 — yep, there’s Hwy 111, finally. Twenty minutes later and there it is, the iconic building for the Palm Springs Visitor Center — we’re here, just in time to get a couple more hours of poolside sun. Then a shower, dinner on N. Palm Canyon Dr., and some drinks to finish off our first evening. That’s what the next couple of days will be, just the two of us sunning, swimming, eating, drinking and loving…

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