The Angry Birds Movie is Trump Propaganda

When the trailer for the Angry Birds movie first appeared, people on the internet wondered if maybe it looked a little Trump Propaganda-y. A few articles dismissed this as ~internet craziness~.

But that was all based solely on the trailer, and this weekend I saw the entire Angry Birds movie with my own horrified eyes, and the movie is legit 100% Trump Propaganda. Check it:

The protagonist is the only Angry Bird, the only one one willing to say what he really thinks. He does or says whatever he wants and doesn’t care about conforming to society. The movie takes place in a relatively calm, happy place (overly mommy-state & PC, the protagonist would suggest).

When the immigrants/pigs arrive from across the sea, he’s suspicious about their intentions before they even land. But of course he’s CORRECT and the uncultured immigrants, literally carrying bombs, proceed to ruin and destroy everything on Bird Island, and steal all of the bird children. Also note that Bird Island is very diverse, with birds of all different shapes and sizes, but the pigs are all only one color (green (read: brown)).

All of that would be like, OK, whatever, it’s just a dumb movie. BUT. The icing on the cake is: Bird Island USED to be protected by a heroic & brave BALD EAGLE, but he’s become lazy and complacent and ineffectual in his old age. The protagonist inspires him to BE GREAT AGAIN and help defeat the immigrants.

In the end the birds all thank the protagonist for being right all along. They are happily united in their anger and distrust of outsiders, and their island is better off for it, their children safer. The protagonist doesn’t even have an arc, he was simply correct all along; it’s society that has to change, not him. I didn’t actually see Ayn Rand’s name in the writing credits but maybe she contributed under a pseudonym.