Lions cave Denmark

Maybe most of you guys know the television program: Dragons’ Den.

Lions Cave is the same program, it’s just a danish version of the program where people can make a pitch of an idear, infront of some of the best investores and entrepreneur in Europe.

The second season of Lions Cave Denmark is upcoming. Last year the program was watch by a lot of danish people and entrepreneur, an there was som investments from the “Lions” there was sensational.

Christian Stadil — Hummel 
Jesper Buch — JustEat
Tommy Ahlers — Podio
Ilse Jacobsen — Ilse Jacobsen
Birgit Aaby — Combiservice

The pitch from Jesper Hvejsel and Mikkel Salling, was an extraordinary pitch, that all the Lions was very excited about it. 
The two guys had an idea about making life easier and cheaper for men, with a kind of sharpener for razorblades, which is called RazorPit.

But there was more behind this great idear, which is called Firtal Web. Firtal is a web-company with several of companies in it.


At first the lions only was interesting in an investment in Razorpit, but after a talk, Christian Stadil made an extrodinary offer for Jesper and Mikkel. 
He was willing to make the biggest investment in the program as a single person with 2 million danish krones. Jesper Buch and Tommy Ahlers was also interested, but just with an invesment of 500 k to be partner.

After around 1 year, Firtal is worth 5 times as much as it was evaluated to in the program.

If you are truely inspiret in entrepreneurship, this is a program you should see then.