A note from Karli.

G’day, new mom! My name is Karli Faludi and I’ve been a doula since 2016, but my journey with children started more than a decade before that as a pediatric Occupational Therapist. But let’s back up. You’re probably wondering — what’s a doula? And to be honest, I wondered the same thing when I had my son, Ollie.

A doula is like a swiss army knife for new moms.

A person who you can rely for all the baby best practices. Someone who brings firsthand experience of infancy to you, letting you meet your true potential as a mom.

When I had my son, I was searching high and low for the right information on how to raise him. Mom’s groups. Wikipedia. Google. Youtube. Books. And I realized that having an expert, my own mom, on my journey was invaluable! So now, I’m becoming that expert.

Choosing the right person to help you during your “4th trimester” is a big choice, so take your time. Check out my site, learn a bit more about what I offer, and when you’re ready, I’m just one phone call away. I can’t wait to meet you and your family.

Hugs, love, and diapers….

Karli Faludi

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