How Old is ‘Too Old’ to be Involved With Music?
Paul Cantor

There is no such thing as “too old” for anything, especially anything art related. Sure, as you age your lens changes and so will your art, whether it be music, painting, photography, video, writing, etc. The key to life is to find activities that you enjoy and do them often. Music, like any art form, is self expression and we all should feel free to experiment and share.

Change is a process, evolution is inevitable. My advice is to keep reinventing yourself and experimenting. I’m 43 and #amwriting and #amrecording the best Rap songs ever. Check it. This song was written based on the tech book, Code Halos.

I often joke about banging out Rap songs when i’m 70. Feeling the way i do about the music i’m making in my 40's i can’t wait to hear what i create in 30 years.