Crush Me

by K.Flay

Aug 18, 2017 · 3 min read

1 year ago i released an EP called crush me

i named it that because i was feeling trampled and defiant and kept thinking about how we’re pinballs bashing into each other all the time. in the spirit of the EP, i started bringing blank books out on tour with me. crush me books. i left them at the merch booth and asked people at shows to write in them

to my surprise and true joy, you guys filled literally thousands of pages with your stories. some of them were written down with such urgency and emotion i could barely make out the words. some of you have the penmanship of medieval calligraphers. some were blurred with beer or tears or fingertips

every night i’d go back to the bus and read though what people had recorded. show after show, the stories were unique in small ways, but strikingly similar in big ones. heartbreak and infidelity and suicide and new love and mental illness and friendship and addiction and strange musings on life and memories of people not on earth anymore

all of that was happening. at every show. every where

my full length record was inspired by the idea that we make meaning wherever we go. reading through the books reminded me that the places we live in and leave — our somewheres — aren’t so different after all. it reminded me that strangers at concerts can create a community of paper and remembrance

in the spirit of that community, i put together a compilation of some of my favorite entries from the crush me books & recruited two of my talented friends — ostertag & gabriel campo — to illustrate the project. then i learned how to use indesign and i made a book

you wrote the book, though

that crush me compilation is now up at my online store. but the proceeds aren’t for me. i’d like them to honor you

this is the part where i ask you to write me, again

if you know of an organization or an advocacy group or a community center or a classroom close to you (in heart or geography) that you feel could benefit from this, please email and tell me about it. i’ll read through all of your messages and make sure the money goes to a great cause

over the course of a year, i was afforded brief glimpses into lives all over the world. burying myself in the books was a humbling and emotional enterprise. my hope is that this project moves you too

thanks in advance for helping the spirit of the crush me book find a home in an unexpected somewhere

the best homes are usually the unexpected ones

the crush me book is available now at the k.flay online store. all proceeds go to charity. thanks for reading (and writing).


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