Should I Have Kids?
Amy Cao Smith

Really well-written but as a parent (and someone who simultaneously has a lot of life passions and dreams that I still plan to fulfill), I don’t think parenthood is the end game and approaching it that way makes it beyond scary. If I looked at motherhood this way, I’d be really, really sad. I don’t think that having children is my only life’s work, though certainly I see raising 3 human beings being very important work. I don’t think parenthood and personhood are mutually exclusive. Are there things I wish I could do right now that I can’t as a result of having children? Absolutely. Would I feel this way if I waited to have children when I was 40? I’m pretty sure I would have. There will always be one more trip, one more project, one more life experience. That said, I don’t think that everyone ultimately has to have children, and there’s nothing wrong with that either :)