Creating the California Dream

Two and a half years ago I made a life changing decision to get out of my comfort zone, leave the nest and fly to the other coast to pursue my dreams. I landed in paradise without really knowing where I was landing. I took a job that dialed me into the industry and introduced the movers and shakers within it. My career and passion is within hospitality and service management and has taken many different paths. It’s interesting how you go from being a wedding coordinator to schlepping wine. California has always been the golden state for me. I am here today to find my path and dream. I am within an industry I love, job that is comfortable but I still struggle with what will truly bring me greatness inside. Only if we had a crystal ball to tell us if we are on the right track to pursuing what makes our sing. On the other hand, I have found a California boy that fills my heart with love, joy, lots of laughs and comfort. I also have built several sold friendships that I trust and care about. Let me also not discount the fact I have a family on the East that is my rock solid foundation and support. No one can really tell you how difficult it is being a transplant but if you hold on to your mantra and be open you can do anything. My mantra in life is “ I am strong, I am courageous and I persevere” and I repeat that to myself more times in one day. My goal in blogging it to help find what my dream really is and to learn what drives my heart to write.

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