Jillienne Jacoby

White Rock Lake / Deep Ellum TEXAS

I had the privilege of working with Jillienne this past weekend- she is so full of life and beauty! She’s a Graphic Designer here in the Dallas area and I asked her to tell me a little bit about what motivated her to tune into graphic design, and what aspects she loves about it. We went on an adventure around White Rock Lake — super beautiful place, if you haven’t made a trip over there yet, get on it. After that, we headed down to Deep Ellum, another crazy awesome place full of culture and personality.

“I decided to get into graphic design because I have always loved art… My dad was an artist, and so I wanted to be able to combine creativity and the understanding of the business world.”

“I love seeing an idea go from a sketch on paper to a complete brand that could make a business become successful. I also love having the freedom to design anything and everything.”

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