To be honest with myself, and you.

a beautiful truth about grace.

Let’s get real.

I am passionate, driven and able.

Since we have moved away from most of our family and friends, and a market that might have been a little bit easier to work in (Lord willing), I feel like I have had to start back at square one. And that’s okay. BUT it does stink.

There are days, most days, where I have no idea what in the world I’m doing. I’m confident in my work, but I have not the slightest clue as to how to market myself, how to reach people, how to earn clients- all those things small business owners are supposed to know, right? And I have researched, people. I have read article after article- how to promote as an introvert, how to be a social media success, etc. Those articles have helped some, and they have some great ideas.

My website is near done. It’s taken a while (this happens when you have two creatives trying to put something together from scratch and build it from the ground up, have a baby, move cities.) Also, I keep changing my mind about how I want the pages laid out, what photos I want to use, the relevance of what my “about Kaylan” page will say, etc. My poor, poor husband has been very patient with me in this process of branding and promoting. But does all of that really matter?

So this is where I’m at right now:

One thing I cling to is that I have been given the grace to explore— explore photography more, become more confident in the area, and tell stories. It’s not about marketing myself, per se, but about showing the grace that my Father has given me to do His work — loving people. It does not matter to me how many “likes” some of my photos or posts get (although it’s a great confidence boost, why put all my confidence in that?) I want my work to display the heart of the Father, the love of the Father, and ultimately make Him known.

My promise to you as a friend, future client, creative, brother or sister in Christ, is that I will keep working hard. I will continue to pursue this craft so that it benefits you and shows His love to you.

I am so appreciative of all of you who have worked with me — it has been a gift to photograph you and your families. To those lined up to work with me, I’m excited about our time together. Thank you for believing in me.

Be blessed,