Becoming a frontend developer from now to a year Day 1. How much I will learn? and do I will land a Job?

What will be the path?

Foremost, I have made research of how to become a Frontend Developer and I found I should know these things:

  1. Once I get comfortable with that, I have to learn and master vanilla JavaScript (yes, I know this will consume at least 5 months studying 2–3 hours daily).
  2. Once I master JavaScript, I will move to React.js. (This is a popular JS framework to built awesome apps).
  3. While learning React, I will dedicate a couple of hours a week to learn about Styled Components, a library to add CSS directly to a component (forgive the repetition).
  4. My next move will be to learn about next.js (at this moment I don’t know what can I do with this framework, but I have heard it is to work with the backend).
  5. Along this year I will learn other tools as well, like git (what I know now is that it is for version control), command line (to install things in VS Code).

My advantage

I was studying Computer Science at the university and there, I was learning Java, C and C++ (beginner level and that was two years ago). But I know how If statements, loops and OOP works as well as other things related to programming.

What I Learn Today

To be honest I know a bit about HTML and CSS, I have a couple of weeks brushing my knowledge in those topics. Today I was learning about what can I do with JavaScript, and I was amazed because of the power of the language, this is my recap of the thing I was dived in today.

  1. How to use the DevTools console to debug my program how variables work (is very different from another programming languages);
  2. the difference between const, let and var.
  3. Data types and the implicit type conversion.
  4. How conditional statements works.



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