Debate Prep 2016: Selfie sticks, bitmoji pantsuits, and how to lose the millennial vote
Dana Perino

Dear Millennials,

I really don’t care you about you and your inability to decide who to vote for. But since I am tired of reading these articles about you (and I would like to get some clicks myself, and any mention of Millennials apparently does that), I will outline a few simple steps that they can use to decide:

  1. Register to vote. (I bet most of you don’t know if you are or not? Find out, you can do it on internet.)
  2. There are 4 candidates running for president.
  3. There is search engine called ‘google’. It’s pretty good I hear. Look up articles about all four. There are a lot of conservative, liberal and centrist publications where you can find out all the information you need. Trust me spend 15 minutes a day reading the ‘online newspapers’. Remember your parents or grandparents do that? There was a reason for it. It gives you information.
  4. If you have ADHD, ADD or any other D’s may be watch videos instead of reading! There are plenty of videos online from Fox, CNN, MSNBC and host of other people that will tell you about all candidates.
  5. After you have read for say 100 minutes or so, or watched some you tube clips, make up your mind.
  6. Vote on Nov 8th!

If all this is too difficult for you and you want to simple answer: vote for Clinton!

Yours Truly,

An old fart

P.S. Nobody needs to be courted by anybody, it’s your civic duty to find out about candidates and vote for the one you want.