Product Management Questions To Watch Out For during an Interview!

During my interview, product management questions directed at me gauged my suitability for the diverse management departments in the company. I acknowledged it’s possible to move within product management business roles in stores and other fields, keeping my options wide open.

My interviewer was particularly interested in my response to product management questions, four of which I singled out as the most important;

My current role in product management

Product management questions are primarily aimed at giving the interviewer an overview of my past, current and preferred roles in the hierarchy. The interviewer also inquired about my ideal role if the choice was entirely up to me. When asked whether I was a visionary strategist, agile product owner, backlog manager or data-driven optimizer, there was no outright correct or wrong answer; it all depends on the position on offer.

The interviewer seemed particularly interested in what I disliked about my current role and the roadblocks I encountered during the execution of my responsibilities; probably to know what works up my nerves.

My role as a team member

Questions in this category revolved around my interaction with other team members such as product engineers, researchers and department heads. If for instance, I conducted a suitability study, did I do it individually or through user research? The correctness of the answers to product management questions remained relative at this stage too.

The interviewer sought to find out if and how my workmates drew out my strengths and dealt with my weaknesses. My values highly determined my suitability for the role. Challenges encountered as part of a team seemed of particular interest too.

My decision on what to build.

This was clearly the most important among product management questions; it’s what determines the success of the product in competitive markets. Answering it wrongly might have untimely ended interview. The list of products to be build should be well thought out in line with current trends. The interviewer was particularly interested in product building time, the users’ feedback, CEO’s pet feature, cost and the engineering favourites.

This question gauged how adept I was at the business context and its market. Getting this question right was instrumental in moving on to the in-person interview.

My interaction with customers and users

Having been in product management for a long while, I’ve learnt that just like any other business, customers are priceless. All through the interview, was sublime to every now and then portray me as the customer’s voice.

For instance, the interviewer wanted to know whether I find customers on my own or with a little help, whether I know how to frame non-leading questions to them and whether or not I share my research results with other team members.

All through the answering of product management questions, mentioning the immense value of a customer to the company turned out to be a wise move! Doing in-depth research on customer response to products and services tells how well the business is faring.

As I looked for a product manager role, these four questions proved the most important to the interviewer. What type of product manager do you aspire to be? You can get there by answering product management questions wisely and confidently.

Karim Gabrony , Head of Products (Samsung) , Founder & EIC wearableO IoTroadmap