Should the Second Amendment be banned or kept?

With the ever increasing violence and crime rates in our country the second amendment, or the right to bear arms, has become a frequent subject of conversation in the media. After doing some research I have found that there are many good examples of opposing viewpoints on the topic at hand. As I was reading through some of the articles it was clear that the writers held strong opinions that could easily change the reader’s perception. The right to bear arms is a very controversial topic. In the two articles I selected, we are able to gain a better understanding on both opposing viewpoints.

As I read in the second article, “it is not up for debate.” The article talks about how it is helpful for people to bare arms and protect themselves. With everything that is going on the should be able to have a gun in their house and use it when necessary. The article as took a quote from Ida B Wells and use it in the article saying that “every. black home should have a riffle.” By using this they say it’s even like this today. They also call out the Second Amendment by saying it’s “not old; it’s timeless” and it’s “not unclear; it’s obvious.” That many people are still debating over this fact and should just stop because they will get no where if they continue. The perception people will get from this article well think that gun violence is not that big of a problem and since the Second Amendment says that it’s okay then people will continue to have guns and use them when they thing is necessary.

Furthermore, in the second article it goes completely the other direction by saying that the right to bare arms was never a good idea. A police Lieutenant, Abbie Mills, said “there was concern among us that it could lead to perverse consequences.” Was he right? Yes, over 32,000 are killed each year due to gun violence. This just shows how many people can potentially use it in a negative way. It also states that “a basic part of government’s job is to limit our ability to hurt others.” Having these guns is showing that the government is failing to protect there citizens. Conservative writer Robert VerBruggen, from Missouri, said “the state’s murder rate indeed soared the year after a gun law changed, and there’s no other obvious explanation.” People are using the Second Amendment the wrong way and in result we are having more deaths across our country. The perception people will receive from this news report will give them second thoughts and put into there minds that the Second Amendment should be band because so many people are using it in a negative way.

With both of these different perceptions people might pick one way or another. The topic is a huge debate and people will mostly stand by their views and what they think is right and wrong. Both articles give good support on why things should stay they way they should or way they should change it but ultimately it will come down to there perception of the topic.