Annual Turkey Pardon Ceremony Held at White House
Johnny Robish

Breaking News : Update

National Turkey Federation, Washington DC

. ( now that’s a perfect Oxymoron

. If. if ever I’ve seen one)

White House Counsels Office has released the news- “ Obama’s pardoned Turkeys ( Tater & Tot)

status cannot be revoked by the President. They noted that our regal Majesty himself was displeased.

Quote: “ I have been active in overturning a number of executive orders by my predecessor”.

Immediately, Scott Pruitt EPA overturned federal-regulations for the Turkey Industry. Toxic waste from Turkey farms are now allowed to be released into the environment! Apparently, Turkeys can now contribute to Climate-Change.

Oh… cheese-whiz I’m not making this up. Its posted in High County News. ( Dunno it might be a Soviet err… Russian hack)

  • Thinking I’ll get 2 or more shots of Bourbon now
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