I really Like the Design of Circular-Cities… posit Vienna.

. After partaking in the most elegant White-Wine at a local establishment

. I lost the keys to my studio

. And I awakened In the Gutter.

It seem that my issue is the love of the Vine!

. Anyway, I was within the Tram circle… at Freud’s ole House. This is a Fact. Can’t make this Stuff up. I didn’t vomit. But it was a close-thing. How did I get here? What is the significance of Herr Freud?

. Then I thought of Misogyny!

Let’s face the facts that he collected Egyptian paraphernalia… mostly

. Cigar shaped things. Oyvay!

But I digress… Somehow I managed to actually find my 🔑. And it was a close — mmm… thing like the Vomiting thing!

Fast forward to Amsterdam. Another… circular-city.

. Will update in future, um I’m feeling that circle ⭕️ in my stomach again..,

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