I’m gonna shout-out for the Oceti- Sakowin Youth of North Dakota.

I contribute to their Quest as :

. Water Protectors @ DAPL

The ultimate Story here is that global- corporations are investing in Canada tar-sand Oil. All our Banks.

The leaking Pipeline runs atop the Aquifer that supplies… water 💦 to the most important part of the Midwestern agricultural production of wheat/corn. So what you say?

It’s important! Because it’s a progenitor of Things to come with the current American Administration. Every cabinet official in our Nation is now …

. De- Constructing all Federal Regulations that protect us.

. So you might ask: “ So What”?

. I posit … your drinking 💧 water

Or in the Wird-Words of our President…” Sad”!

. He’s clueless here

Amen 🙏 to that…

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