Science Declares Dogs are Smarter Than Cats
Johnny Robish

So the other Day… I was talking to the neighborhood Kat. Rosenkrantz he called hiself.

I was immediately suspicious because felines are notoriously aloof. Then my phone ☎️ rang…

It was Homeland Security! I froze in horror. They asked me:

. “ Is Rosenkrantz there “?

I adopted my Sargent Shultz ploy..I see nothing , hear nothing and know nothing. They persisted asking about Rosenkrantz…

. So I whispered to the Kat “ What should I say to der Homelands folken “?

. He flicked his yellow-striped Tail .Offered a Cheshire smile and suggested: “ Tell em no! But mention that Guildenstien is here”.

. So I did. And they hung up real fast…

Moral of the Story: Dogs 🐕 may be smarter…but Kats are really, really Tricky!