Sooo — where Eagles 🦅 fly from earth 🌏 to sky 🌌 Ooooo Sooo do I Forevers

Raw 💥

ABourne in Canada 🍁

Enlisted in USA 🇺🇸 1968

Tank commander first Class

Retaining my 🍁 Citizenship — - absolutely

During 1968 conflict weAll fought back Tet Offensive

Winning some battles yet with baited breath weAll felt the great Shame oft Blood 🩸 as aWe returned Saigon Vietnam 🇻🇳

All all all War is Raw — — - everyone loses their Soul

Sooo — think about it all you Politicians

If you still believe inA Wars then send your Children 👶

Iron Triangle

Hmmm perhaps it’s aTru

Travails oft traveling Roads

Soldati Usa 🇺🇸 inA Tanks 💥

Hmmm will aWe ever Learn

All and every War is Raw and nobody ever actually Wins

Death ☠️ and Destruction always is the Destiny for US


I am Michael archangel — -

Can Thee perceiveth my loss oft Hopes inA Humanity

From the Garden until Now — anger violence and Killings

Cain and Able brothers who fought each other forever

Today it’s the same because

WIzard oft Imagination 💭

Once upon aTime

I thev unknown ole Wizard — doth call Down the drops 💦

Rain 🌧

Sooo all the Land and Critters danced thanking ole Wizard

However — they all asked:

Wizard why doth aRhee wear that green Cowboy Hat ??? And he answerPleased — — Hmmm simply causA I cannA because that’s the Nature oft all wizards Haha 😂

Tsunami 🌊

Hmmm most often aWe don’t Consider thev Snow ❄️

Winter snow ❄️ canA replicate Tsunamis washing over our Minds in waves 🌊 Inspiration

Nature inA all its forces and form inspire aMe

Hmmm weather Tis snow or aRain or anything in between

Hmmm perhaps







Sooo one ☝️ day I talked to Suzanne Stewart at Medium

Twas a strange conversations

All these above shadofax did lead aMe into Temptations of making assumptions

Hmmm… and I was wrong within such fatuous thinking

These Shadofax Colours ☝️ began making sense aMe

Sooo together inA fantasy — — I blended into aEms

Mmmm bow aWowA

My name is Tanki aPoo

Sooo who the Hellvica

Are you calling Doggie

I’m smarter than Youse

Humons are truly Idiots

Canna even talk Doggies

Sooo — Bow Wow Agains

Soma aPeople callA me

Care Bear 🐻

ButtA inA reality imA Jnots

Sooo take care oft uer Wallet because I’m tears really Thief

Sooo Bewares aMe and check uer Wallet it’s now Empty money 💵 Ha ha

Signed: Beware Bear 🐻

Please pardon aMe

Mister Dragon 🐉

Who are you exactly?

Hmmm — I’m your friend and your inner Spirit

Sooo don’t you jnows Me ???

Hmmm perhaps dragons 🐉 are my voice upon Earth

Only time will tell Dragon 🐉

kurt gasbarra

Us Poets... sad but Hoping Delicious delusions of Humanity’s Ultimate goal... of serving Others in need more than Meself. But I digress here Music 🎶 is

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