kurt gasbarra

Raw 💥

ABourne in Canada 🍁

Enlisted in USA 🇺🇸 1968

Tank commander first Class

Retaining my 🍁 Citizenship — - absolutely

During 1968 conflict weAll fought back Tet Offensive

Winning some battles yet with baited breath weAll felt the great Shame oft Blood 🩸 as aWe returned Saigon Vietnam 🇻🇳

All all all War is Raw — — - everyone loses their Soul

Sooo — think about it all you Politicians

If you still believe inA Wars then send your Children 👶



Iron Triangle

Hmmm perhaps it’s aTru

Travails oft traveling Roads

Soldati Usa 🇺🇸 inA Tanks 💥

Hmmm will aWe ever Learn

All and every War is Raw and nobody ever actually Wins

Death ☠️ and Destruction always is the Destiny for US




I am Michael archangel — -

Can Thee perceiveth my loss oft Hopes inA Humanity

From the Garden until Now — anger violence and Killings

Cain and Able brothers who fought each other forever

Today it’s the same because



WIzard oft Imagination 💭

Once upon aTime

I thev unknown ole Wizard — doth call Down the drops 💦

Rain 🌧

Sooo all the Land and Critters danced thanking ole Wizard

However — they all asked:

Wizard why doth aRhee wear that green Cowboy Hat ??? And he answerPleased — — Hmmm simply causA I cannA because that’s the Nature oft all wizards Haha 😂



Tsunami 🌊

Hmmm most often aWe don’t Consider thev Snow ❄️

Winter snow ❄️ canA replicate Tsunamis washing over our Minds in waves 🌊 Inspiration

Nature inA all its forces and form inspire aMe

Hmmm weather Tis snow or aRain or anything in between



Hmmm perhaps







Sooo one ☝️ day I talked to Suzanne Stewart at Medium

Twas a strange conversations

All these above shadofax did lead aMe into Temptations of making assumptions

Hmmm… and I was wrong within such fatuous thinking

These Shadofax Colours ☝️ began making sense aMe

Sooo together inA fantasy — — I blended into aEms



kurt gasbarra

kurt gasbarra

Us Poets... sad but Hoping Delicious delusions of Humanity’s Ultimate goal... of serving Others in need more than Meself. But I digress here Music 🎶 is