Once upon aTime strange times occurred

Suddenly all the Poets began 2 write ✍️ in Rye Rhythms and Rhimes

Later inA our World 🌍 people Danz Dancing the Polka

……………… Go Figure that !

Twas morning and Sandman wast wondering about the aTrees who have been here eons laughing at most humans . What why and Who are chopping down Natural Forests 🌳? Andv whyO people are eating more than they can consume? IsA it possible that nobun jnows? Humans are mysterious and neva consider the Truth oft trees 🌲 knowing the earth 🌏 is the greatest Mystery. Soo go figure……………..

Mad Hatter 🎩

I followed Alice — ADown the proverbial Rabbit 🐇 Hole

When she got Small or Tall

Alice Wonderful had many animals friends who didv protecting aHer from thev crazy Red Queen who douth always shouted:

“ Off with Their Heads “

Sooo later MadHatter gotA Cheshire Kat makin Alice Wonderful disappeared into Fairy Tails History Forevers and the Childrens Imagination — this is Why Tis important for little Children aReading

Please, Parents teach them the Immortal Imagination 📖 and see their imagination Fly

People Ugh 🤦‍♂️

WhatA isA deal soma People’s

All they do isA Hate Others — - no Humon Compassions

LookA at the idiots Internet whereO idiots rant constantly about nothings atA all only hate Hating otters 🦦 who disagree — Stupid Humons.

Please — people WakeUp and show somA compassion andA take deep breaths meditate ❤️

Ponderosa 🌲

From aMere whisper drifting

Grandmother Ponderosa — - set her Child from the Canopy

Her precious Seedling 🌱 fly Flying down upon Errta

Genetrix Generations oft Life — grow Growing fertility

Create Creating new Life again for the Hope oft Continuity

ThankYou Grandmother tree 🌲 because I’m now Strong

Shade Shading the Forest and my Promise is Continuity


In thev Beginning twas Light

Echo echoing thru Multiverse

Twas booming music dispelled the entropy oft Darknesses

Multiverses collided attracted — forming Light-vastness

Forevers displayed inA Sky 🌌


What douth it Profoundness

Man ignoring thev Horoizon

Profoundly sketching Colours

Brilliant Hopes oft Nature — — asking Man see myPoetry


Sunrise from the Dawning

Anon anon today beginning

Afghanistan Airport

Today we pray and Honor our Soldiers who died protecting the Lives of innocent Others

Our Military has now been airlifting 104 ,000 people who needed Sanctuary

Commander Joe Biden is doing his best 2 end this Tragedy

Please pray remember that our United States 🇺🇸 is now doing it’s best and stop criticizing

Dedicated: Terry Mansfield


WhatA isA Moose err Gnus

Mossy Moose err Muses — — canA also beA AllegedPoets

Howevers I prefer the Moose

Crashing thru idiot Metaphor

Sooo Bewares all AllegedPoets

kurt gasbarra

Us Poets... sad but Hoping Delicious delusions of Humanity’s Ultimate goal... of serving Others in need more than Meself. But I digress here Music 🎶 is

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